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Mobile Friendly Responsive Website Development

There are more devices using the Internet than ever before. Desktops. Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones, each with varying screen sizes and features. This can make showing your content properly a challenge.

Responsive Website Design from SIDSTUDIO can solve this problem.

Responsive website design enables websites to obtain information about the device and display a layout appropriate for that particular device. Instead of having multiple versions of your website, Responsive web design allows for one website for all devices. This eliminates duplicate content issues that affect your search engine ranking, and content display issues when mobile users share your content with desktop users. Google recommends responsive web design and refers to it as an industry best practice.

The Advantages

  • Have ONE website for all user devices
  • Show your content to all users in the best format for their device
  • Save time, money, and resources, with efficient website design
  • Share content better on social networking sites
  • Clear integration with Google Analytics

Development Skills


We build web development solutions ranging from Wordpress & Joomla Content Management Systems (CMS), to customized .NET Web Applications.

Dealmaking Details

  • For custom web design and development we provide a contracted project with a flat fee quote.
  • For businesses that need continuing consultation or ongoing Webmaster services, we will provide these services at our hourly rate.
  • Management & Support packages are available for continued support services.
  • All clients must sign a written contract which defines the web design project scope, website hosting details, domain registration ownership, project pricing, and payment details.

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